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How do I know if I have a case for my personal injuries

Do I have a case?


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Was your injury caused by the actions of somebody else?    YES    NO

Was the injury severe enough that you needed to go to the hospital?    YES    NO

Has it been two years since your injury?     YES    NO

Do you have large medical bills that resulted from your injury?    YES    NO

Will you likely have future medical bills resulting from your injury?    YES    NO

Have you signed any sort of release forms from either party’s insurance company?    YES    NO

Have you missed any work because of your injury?    YES    NO

Is your injury permanent?    YES    NO

Could you be partially at fault for your injuries?    YES    NO


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It is sometimes confusing for people to know what warrants calling a personal injury attorney, and what they should handle themselves or leave to their insurance company. In an effort to make it easier to understand what to look for, we have listed some criteria to use as a guide as to whether or not you should call a personal injury attorney.
The first question to ask yourself is, “what is the nature of the injury?” If your injury is not severe enough that you haven’t felt the need to go to the doctor, then you probably don’t need a personal injury lawyer either. However, if you are clearly in pain, with a severe injury, especially one that is long-term or possibly disabling, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney because there are good chances that you have a case. The personal injury attorneys at the Kuvara Law Firm make themselves available 24/7 and have offices in San Rafael, Vallejo, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and many other locations across California.
The next important part of having a case is that someone has to have been at fault. If it was your own fault, you do not have a case. The person at fault doesn’t have to have intentionally caused your injury, it can be an accident and you can still have a case. In fact, in most cases, it will have been an accident, but that doesn’t mean that the person cannot be held responsible.
how to know if i have a case for personal injuryTo successfully win a personal injury case, you and your attorney will have to prove that the person who caused your injury had a responsibility to keep you safe from harm, and did not do everything in their power to keep you from coming to harm. This is called proving Negligence, which is central to winning a personal injury case where the injury was unintentional.
If you feel that someone did have a responsibility to keep you safe that was not met, you very likely could have a legal case.

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